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Tasteful Licks (records) is an independent, artist run record label and distribution company. Our principle mission is to deliver the best musicians and their works to music lovers around the world. TLr does not concentrate on one segment of music. Our goal is to bring listeners the very best in all facets of popular music, whether it's Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, or Experimental.

What sets Tasteful Licks (records) apart from other labels is, while many labels follow the "tried and true" blueprint of product development, pumping their resources into gimmicky releases and fads, TLr functions under our own unique formula. Our focus centers on developing professional musicians by giving them the tools, support, and flexibility they require to produce products that exhibit their singular form of expression. Instead of focusing specifically on individual releases, TLr works diligently with our performers to shape their distinct brands and to opportunely position the brand within the artist's niche. We do this by, not only marketing the performer's releases and distributing them into commercial markets and over the internet, but by placing great importance on directly engaging the artist and the listener with live performances.

This is not to say that Tasteful Licks doesn't work very hard to create the finest individual releases available; we absolutely do. Our belief is that emphasizing substance as well as style helps TLr and the performer to gain, not only financial success, but something much more difficult to gain in entertainment, respect. Not just the respect of industry insiders or other artists, but, more importantly, the long-term respect of the consumer. Our goals are to break down the artificial walls between musical genres, to encourage listeners look forward to, seek, and acquire all TLr releases, and to foster the idea in listeners that, if it's on Tasteful Licks (records), then attention must be paid.

Do you like what you hear? Want to help or have some questions or suggestions? Want to submit a demo? Feel free to contact us anytime!